How does OptiFlamma™ system optimize the combustion?
The OptiFlamma™ system register the flame directly, consequently obtaining valuable data which allows to evaluate if the mixture combustible/ air is optimal.
How long would take to recover the investment?
Recovering the investment will depend directly on both, the efficiency level to which they are operating their equipments of combustion and the fuel consumption that has the company in the year.
Which are the stages of a Power Project?
An energy Project is detached in the following stages:
  • An evaluation on field of equipment's performance
  • Presentation of a project proposal
  • Execution of the Project
  • Beginning of the project
  • Observation of the system during the course of one year to verify that the awaited results were obtained.
How the OptiFlamma™ system carry out the Combustion Control?
The Optiflamma™ System act on dampers of air or the valves of flow of fuel, with the purpose of maximizing the yield of the equipments and to diminish the polluting emissions through an optimal combustible/air mixture.
How much costs the adaptation of the original system to the OptiFlamma™ system?
It will mainly depends on the availability of an suitable access to install the Optiflamma™ System and will depend on the adaptations necessary to mount the system.
Can OptiFlamma™ System adapts itself to different types from Fuel?
Yes, the Optiflamma™ System can work with diverse fuels, simply selecting in the controller the type of fuel to be used.
If I use the OptiFlamma™ System, my equipment will be able to operate to a maximum yield?
Yes, the system detects the changes in the power levels and it quickly adapts to them. It owns control algorithms that allow to do the passage between power levels in the least possible level of emissions and taking suitable actions so the equipment does not go out by deficiency or excess of air.
The installation of Optiflamma™ System means to interrupt the production?
If it is desired it can be done like that, however the changes can be carried out during a programmed maintenance.